Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reputable and Disreputable Cake Shops – A Guide

Any reputable (and a good many disreputable) village cake shop manageress will of course do her utmost to make sure that any gentleman customer’s cream horn is as still, firm and cream-filled as possible. She will also make sure that any lady customers reach full satiation through whatever means at her disposal, up to and including making sure their turnovers are full of fresh cream before they leave the premises.

For those who enjoy a sandwich, the village cake shop will normally employ a number of assistants who will make sure that any customer can enjoying a sumptuous filling of their choice right there on the café table-top as well as making sure their baps are hot and fresh. For any ladies in dire need of a French stick or a baguette, there are undoubtedly men in any village always eager to trust themselves forward for the delectation of the ladies especially those in need of plenty of meat in their lunch break, when it is well-known - most women need and desire a good solid meaty filling if they are going to be able to give full satisfaction at work later that day. For, if she has spent a long lingering lunch hour filling herself with plenty of hot pork, especially a hot sausage roll, such full satiation enables a lady to truly fulfil her potential in the workplace environment during the long afternoon hours to come.

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