Tuesday, May 28, 2013

John Littledick and his Column

Many, many – sometimes even as many as two – people come here to scrutinise my organ and admire its wide-raging appeal and breadth of subject matter. However, mine is not the only organ available in Little Frigging. The village has its own newspaper – as some of you well know, especially those of you who have seen certain photographs of yourselves published when the editor did not receive any payment from you for not publishing them.

However, incriminating photographs are not the only thing the Little Frigging Gleaner publishes. From this week onwards, it is almost proud to inform its loyal reader that the world-famous (so he claims) newspaper columnist John Littledick is joining the Gleaner’s staff.

Many of you will have seen John Littledick’s column, for he is not shy about revealing it to all and sundry – which is probably why the last national newspaper to employ him to fill up the spaces between the adverts has so recently had to let him go – either that or it had something to do with those photographs of several leading newspaper personalities – and John Littledick – consorting with politicians in a riding stables in a manner not conducive to the wrecki running of the country or producing newspapers, especially when the horses were involved at all levels of decision making.

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