Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sex-Spatula and History

Of course, hard as it is (and I hope that the one(s) you have access to are as hard as they should be) to believe in these days of openness and honesty, there was a time in the - not too – distant past when the sex spatula was looked upon as something beyond the pale.

We, looking back at those times, can often find it difficult to empathise with such attitudes, knowing as we now do of the boundless opportunities for enhancement of one's erotic proclivities the humble sex spatula can bring about, and that is even before one had mastered the deft nimbleness of the wrist that marks the true master (and/or mistress) of the sex spatula.

I'm sure we can all remember out own tentative beginnings  and first nervous passes with the unfamiliar spatulas when we first adopted the initiate's stance with our first ever brace of sex spatulas, wondering if we would ever ourselves experience that calm ease and confidence of our tutor, and if we would ever be able to do that thing with the watermelon and the pine marten without bringing tears to our eyes.

Still, as the years pass the sex spatulas become as much a part of our erotic repertoire as our bobble hats, sequinned orgy capes, peep-hole wellies and the electric weasel, it is sometime sobering (except in the case of Old Feebletrousers, of course) to think that back in those so-called Good Old Days, the humble sex spatula was regarded as a foul and disturbing perversion, suitable for only those of a depraved mind and/or the Welsh.

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