Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sticking Together

Of course, it is not that unusual for a lady of Little Frigging to find herself without a partner for either the mid-week or weekend all-village orgy in the village hall. This is not normally any great cause for concern as not only are there many fine upstanding gentlemen who are more than willing to offer a pointer to a lone lady, there are many other women - perhaps mindful that they may one day be in a similar situation - who will gladly offer their sister a hand, or sometimes even oral consolation. Not only that the Strap-on Sisters themselves will always be willing to provide whatever stimulation and comfort they can to anyone seemingly bereft of satiation and feeling somewhat empty inside.

Some neophytes do find themselves quite surprised at the generally supportive atmosphere in most village orgies – for obvious reasons I am omitting certain villages - that will remain nameless - from this general situation, for there are some places where a single lady in want of a good seeing-to is regarded with utmost suspicion by other ladies who fear the gentlemen present may not be as fully satisfied by themselves as should be the case in any normal rural village.

Of course, back in the olden days, when everything was in black and white, there was far less intercourse even between neighbouring villages, let alone between the relative strangers and distant places that is now the case. In those days then, it was incumbent upon all villagers to come together as often as possible – hence the invention of the village hall orgy – in order to keep the mutual fellow feeling that is – we would like to believe – the glue that keeps us all, throughout such villages as this, sticking together.

Certainly, we do like to believe that there is something in the twice-weekly village hall orgy that does make everyone in Little Frigging stick together.

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