Saturday, June 15, 2013

Strom Thighhammer – at Full Length

Well, she had the tambourine and I had the ukulele, so it was all set to be one of the more interesting 'show and tell' evenings at the village hall, especially when we had the courgette already oiled and coming to room temperature for the hands-on event at the end of our demonstration.

Of course, there are some traditionalist who look upon the importation of such things as the 'show and tell' event from the Colonies as a dilution of all that is great and good about the traditional English rural village hall. However, those of us less bound by tradition – despite the long British tradition of enjoying being bound in erotic circumstances - do feel there is much still to be learnt about the width and variety, of erotic experience, not to mention the length.

Speaking of length, naturally leads us on to a similar talk – given last month – by our very own Strom Thighhammer. It was a talk of such depth, penetration and erudition that some of the ladies had to be wheelbarrowed home afterwards, still more than overcome by Strom's very deep plumbing of the subject.

Strom, as is well known, is quite capable of going to greater lengths than normal, even in the cold of an English rural winter. Despite which, several of the ladies of the Little Frigging Knitting Circle immediately planned to join forces to knit Strom a winter warmer of a suitable length to keep his extremities from damage by frost, especially as the rather heavy snow fall left him in danger of having to drag himself through some of the deeper drifts around the cake shop.

The rest of us just hope the country has enough wool in stock.

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