Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kneading the Cake Shop Manageress


Of course, any gentleman who feels that he is in danger of not rising to the occasion should immediately – or as fast as the village hall orgy timetable allows – put himself firmly (or not, as is often the case) in the hands of the village cake shop manageress, whose expert kneading ability will soon have him standing proud once more. Obviously, though, it is only common courtesy for the gentleman then to test the integrity of his predicament, by offering the cake shop manageress the opportunity to prove his first rising. Although, in more difficult circumstances, the aforesaid gentleman may need to take some quality time testing the firmness of the cake shop manageress's baps before he achieves the fullness of his potential.

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, that occasionally all gentlemen – except my good self, of course) will experience some difficulty rising to the occasion. This is especially so in the heated atmosphere of the village hall orgy where sometimes the ladies present will discuss amongst themselves the relative merits of their putative and/or previous orgy partners. It can, therefore, be rather daunting for a gentleman to put himself forward to the next partner marked on his orgy card when following another gentleman whose prowess makes the aforesaid first gentleman only too aware of his own shortcomings, especially if the lady herself shows disappointment, or the man finds himself overshadowed by that lady's previous orgy partner.

Still, though, it behoves us all as men of the world, or at least this bit of it, to do our best, no matter what, if only to give the lady herself something to remember us by*, even if it is only through matters arising.


*Or – as in many cases – blame us for.

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