Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taking the Proffered Item

Of course, taking any proffered pineapple before it has been prepared by the volunteers providing the catering at your local village hall orgy can sometimes be somewhat of an enlightening experience, especially if it is offered up in the wrong direction*.

However, the well-seasoned (ideally with a liberal coating of olive oil**) village orgy-goer, will be well used to unexpected items appearing throughout the village orgy experience. This is especially true if the village is home to those particular ladies who enjoy a good rummage through the box of provided devices available – usually – by the door as you enter the hall, as well as those all too familiar items displayed on the hall’s dildo rail for the convenience of all attendees.

It should always be stressed however, that all such devices, implements, items of fruit, small furry animals (and – of course – politicians) should be thoroughly cleaned after use and before replacing them in the device box, dildo rail, fruit dish or holding pen, for the convenience and peace of mind of other village hall orgy attendees who want to make use of the aforesaid items too.

*What is – indeed – the wrong direction for any individual will, of course, depend upon their personal proclivities.

**Of course, coating a Liberal in olive oil is something best left for those who enjoy the cut and thrust of political perversions, up to and including the stuffing of the ballot box and losing their deposits.

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