Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Joys of Outdoor Eroticism

For those that enjoying a bracing and reinvigorating erotic experience there is nothing like getting (it) out and about in the wonderful British countryside. For during the British summertime there is nothing quite so arousing as feeling the refreshing dampness so typical of the British summer. As the steady drizzle worms its way inside your bondage gear you soon begin to feel yourself once more. Nor is there anything to beat the bracing breeze from a force 10 gale testing the integrity of your bondage ropes when you stand lashed to an oak tree as the winds attempt to pull you off.

However, if you are considering any of the hillside – or for more advanced perverteers – mountain perversions, I would strongly advise that you make sure you are suitability equipped for the purpose. Those with an interest in bondage will, of course, already have a wide selection of ropes, clips, restraints and other such equipment, which makes an afternoon bound to a craggy protrusion so invigorating for the devotee.

However, we would strongly suggest that any putative hillwalker invest in some hi-visibility fetish gear. For example, there is nothing as frustrating as losing your partner in a sudden mist, especially when she has the sausages, leaving you with an empty frying pan.

Furthermore, always practise extreme caution when approaching sheep or goats grazing on the mountainside. It is always possible that their shepherd is nearby and jealousy can be a dangerous thing. Especially if he happens to be cradling his 12-bore when he sees you striding towards his favourite ewe dressed in your high-visibility fetish gear. So, to avoid any misunderstandings always give the flocks a wide berth when out on the hillside. Follow the Country Code and ask the shepherd’s permission first of you think a particularly comely young ewe is giving you the eye.

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