Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Golf and the Perverted Arts

With all its talk of getting a hole-in-one, sinking a birdie and other similar phrases, the neophyte perverteer could assume that golf and the perverted arts and sciences have a lot in common. Furthermore, a mere glance at a fully-costumed golfer does give the impression that a golfist is no stranger to fetish gear. Not only that, some of the more delicate strokes with the putter can bring to mind some of the less dexterous uses of the sex spatula.

However, despite running almost the whole gamut* of erotic possibilities there is a deal of difference between golf and the erotic arts and sciences. Which is something that people ought to bear in mind whenever they discover themselves about to be taken into the rough, or come from behind with a few strokes. As for getting caught in the bunker, then you will often find they only have themselves to blame.

However, as a sport golf had much to recommend it. Our own blacksmith and voluntary fireman, Strom Thighhammer himself, attests to the feeling of well-being, satisfaction and satiation a quick round of 18 holes can give a man as he prepares to go about his day. I for one think you can’t say fairer than that.

*Those interested in the whole guillemot should however, do some research into seabird-based perversions.